Writer James Tynion IV has introduced a string of new characters during his still-relatively brief run on DC’s flagship Batman title. Now he and ‘Joker War’ storyline artist Jorge Jiménez are bringing another new face to Gotham, as DC is touting that May’s Batman #108 will introduce readers to a character called Miracle Molly. The publisher has also released multiple covers, and a handful of Tomeu Morey-inked, uncolored preview pages for both the issue’s main story (including several pages featuring Molly), as well as the Ricardo Lopez Ortiz and Morey-illustrated backup story starring another recent new addition to the series, Ghost-Maker.

DC’s official description for Batman #108 describes Miracle Molly as the second-in-command of a new group called the Unsanity Collective, and as “a full-blown engineering genius that can repair any kind of tech.” The character will run afoul of the Dark Knight during his investigation into the transhumanist group.

What connection, if any, Miracle Molly has to the most notable other Molly in Batman canon — The Riddler’s henchwoman, Molly, who donned a flawless latex mask disguise of Robin and infiltrated the Batcave right under Batman’s nose, only to meet a tragic end after falling into the Atomic Pile — remains unclear, but I’m sure that’ll be revealed at some point. Why else would they also name her Molly, after all?

With the character set to appear on three covers for Batman #108 — a main cover by Jiménez, a standard variant by Stanley “ArtGerm” Lau, and an incentive portrait variant by Ricardo Federici — DC is clearly betting heavily that Miracle Molly will be as big a hit as Punchline and, to a lesser degree, Clownhunter have been. Punchline in particular connected with audiences early, inspiring fan art and cosplay before she had even made her first appearance in Batman #89. It will be interesting to see if Molly hits the same way that her predecessors have.

Check out the ArtGerm and Federici variant covers for Batman #108, as well as the aforementioned uncolored interiors preview and the full text of DC’s announcement, below. Miracle Molly’s first appearance arrives in stores on Tuesday, May 4th.

The Batman team of writer James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez blew the roof off of Gotham City in 2020, with a combination of spellbinding storytelling and unforgettable art. This collaboration resulted in instant classics like Batman: Their Dark Designs and Batman:The Joker War. The pair also introduced new and unforgettable characters to the Bat-mythos, such as The Designer, Punchline, Clownhunter and Ghost-Maker.

On May 4, Tynion and Jimenez are at it again, introducing a brand new villain, Miracle Molly, in the pages of Batman #108.

Going undercover to learn more about the sudden appearance of the transhumanist Unsanity Collective, Batman meets Miracle Molly, the Collective’s second-in-command and a full-blown engineering genius that can repair any kind of tech. But her appearance and the plans of the Unsanity Collective are only one of the mysteries that the Dark Knight will need to solve before he’s done:

    • After the events of Arkham Day, what does The Scarecrow have planned for Gotham City?
    • What plans does Simon Saint have for A-Day survivor Sean Mahoney, and how do they connect to Mayor Christopher Nakano and The Magistrate?

And if that’s not enough, Tynion and artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz continue the high-octane action and adventure of Batman’s frenemy Ghost-Maker in part two of “Legend of the Ghost-Maker.” In this fast-paced chapter, can Ghost-Maker stand up to the horror that is… Kid Kawaii?

This 40-page, $4.99 thrill ride features a main cover by Jimenez, with a stunning portrait-style variant cover by fan-favorite artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, plus a 1:25 variant card stock cover by Riccardo Federici for $5.99.

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