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There are several artists on here who show in spades that design is not their strong suit. Or their biker suit.


  1. Az-bats costume : “You could roll him down the street, and pick up loose garbage.”

    I admit, the above made me LOL.

  2. They missed several dozen more, like Darrick Robertson’s New Warriors. (Giving kinetic Speedball a baggy robe?!?)

    And it’s no better today. Jim Lee’s NU DC designs look like they’re already action figures.

  3. Wonder if they realize Uncle Sam/Patriot was supposed to be a PARODY of bad 90’s hero designs. I sure miss the Ostrander / Mandrake team-up. I’d actually be psyched for a new Phantom Stranger ongoing if they were the creative team.

  4. have to agree with shark jumper, that is one hot version of wonder woman, especially when drawn by deodato jr.. the invisible woman’s outfit was pretty hot too, but with sue storm you got the whole milf thing going on, so it really depends on one’s comfort zone with such matters (tho’ i don’t think too many people would have complained if jessica alba wore that outfit in , say, the second f.f. movie). most of those designs were a reaction to some of the outfits that image comics were coming up with at the time (which were also god awful). of all the things that marvel and dc could emulate from image, why pick crappy costume designs? they should have went with crappy image story plots instead (not that they needed any help in that department either). oh well, live and learn.

  5. Yea remember that crazy time when perfectly designed costumes where redesigned with needless armor and unnecessary lines? Glad those days are over, amiright?

  6. Some terrible, terrible stuff. Still…

    I actually like that Daredevil costume. Maybe not for Daredevil himself, but why not have a villain show up in it? Actually, he probably should have worn it when he was possessed in Shadowland.

    The Electric Superman is alright, too, as a temporary thing. The guy’s been around so long, you’ve GOT to shake things up now and then.

    And poor Deodato. Yes, those designs are bad (to varying degrees), but it was the 90’s! When I “redesigned” myself in the 90’s, it was pretty bad, too. Costume design aside, his art has improved greatly since then (same with Jae Lee, who managed not to be mentioned).

    Someone write a 16 BEST redesigns of the 90’s. Now THERE’S a challenge!

  7. I’m not sure how things are so much better now. Oh, right, comics fans and publishers are so much more conservative, insular, and suffering from cognitive bias; to the current readers the 1970s and the 1980s were great and all the 1990s mainstream comics were crap.

    In the 1990s, gimmicks were genuinely interesting. Now, they just reak of desperation. But collectors keep collecting and insist that they don’t collect anymore and that comics are much more accessible than ever because of more “adult” storytelling approaches from the likes of Bendis and Geoff Johns and excellent fumetti-influenced artists who make superheroes more believable by tracing photographs.

  8. Wolverine, Red/Blue Supes and the Invisible woman designs were god awful! And don’t get me started on the Booster armor!!! haha…

    I actually didn’t mind that Daredevil costume. And I kinda liked the Warrior get up – or moreso I liked the creative team on his title. The artist especially was good. I like the azbats costume too. It was sort of meant to be extreme – everyone around him knew it was a bit much. Its one of my favorite Batman crossovers – so I guess I’m biased! :)

    Was nice to see Kyle’s original GL costume get a mention for being a great costume from the period. I loved it on first glance!

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