So, in bizarre television development news, it was announced today, September 27th, that the low-rated ’90s space opera Babylon 5 would be getting a reboot. On The CW, of all places. At least creator J. Michael Straczynski is coming back, which gives me, a longtime fan of the original series, some glimmer of hope. A beacon of hope, all alone in the night, one might say.

Supposedly, the series will follow virtually the same concept as the original, just minus Jeffrey Sinclair (Michael O’Hare), focusing solely on Captain John Sheridan (formally played by Bruce Boxleitner). Considering a good portion of the original cast has sadly passed on, it’s likely that the entire series will be recast, and if any Riverdale cast member gets anywhere close to the cast, I will riot.

Maybe this new chance for Straczynski to strut his stuff will allow his sense8 cast to come back to the small screen. They were pretty universally excellent, so it would be nice to see them work with Straczynski’s funny dialogue and epic stories once more.

One can only hope—there’s that word again—that this series will ultimately not land at the CW, because it really makes no sense there. Maybe HBO Max, where the remaster of Babylon 5 ended up relatively unceremoniously? Speaking of that remaster, did views of that drive this reboot?

It’s been almost 28 years since Babylon 5 first debuted, and I can only wonder if Viacom will get into the action and revive Star Trek: Deep Space Nine somehow. There’s nothing ever new under the sun in Hollywood, but I’ll admit that as a fan of the original, I’m almost excited to see what Straczynski has in store.

Also, for some reason, Vulture’s Zoe Haylock thinks Babylon 5 was “horny,” which it really never was. It was actually really awkward when it came to romance and sex. Props for using a photo of Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik) and G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) as your header, though. Personally? There’s no way this gets past the development process at the CW, but once again I hope that it beats the odds and does.


  1. The CW is the logical place for it because Warner Bros. owns B5, and also co-owns the CW. Though I’d much rather see it on HBO Max, too……

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