There are many types of ghost stories, from spirits in haunted houses to creepy little girls in need of a haircut emerging from old wells. Some are ghoulish and scary while others are tragic and emotional. Sixth Sense on Tapas definitely falls into the latter category.

Created by FeverFiction, the supernatural series sets up its characters first before getting into any of the creepy stuff. Even before we see any ghostly beings, the tone on the pages and the black and white art are filled with an eerily quiet atmosphere.

We meet Hal and Nathanial. Hal is a musician while Nathanial is better with words. While they have great plans to write music together and find some catharsis in the creative process, things take a complicated turn when Nathaniel encounters a strange entity in the woods. Nathanial feels like this visitor is there for more personal purposes and if their strange dreams about their deceased parents mean anything, something supernatural is taking over their life.

Sixth Sense is a different kind of horror. Panels are spooky, but the vibe in each installment as the mystery unfolds is everything. To begin reading on Tapas, click here. The web series updates every two weeks on Fridays.

Sixth Sense