Being a teenager is hard enough, but when you can see monsters and ghosts, it takes stress to a whole new level. In Ghost Wife, Liz is a typical teenage girl, except that she has a unique ability to see the supernatural. When she inadvertently sees a demon-like man-creature devouring a cat, she makes herself a target for the creepy world existing alongside her own.

Created by Sejung, the supernatural romance web series mixes genres for a disturbing yet interesting read. Her demon fiancé goes from normal to unsettling with a smile (literally) and once she realizes that her ability to see ghosts, monsters, and demons makes her appetizing to the supernatural, she has no choice but to rely on him to keep her alive. He probably wants to eat her too but it seems his attraction to her outweighs his appetite, making this an unlikely romance. Oh and he seems to prefer cats.

With a total of just ten episodes, the entire Ghost Wife run is free to read on Webtoons.  To begin reading, click here.

Ghost Wife