The work of cartoonist Kaitlin Chan may already be familiar to you if you are a frequent reader of the New Yorker, which frequently features their comics. 

But even if you’re read their work before, now is a great time to revisit Chan’s thoughtful comics, conveniently available to read on her website.

The comics of Kaitlin Chan

Chan’s comics cover a wide variety of topics, and often offer a venue for considering complicated topics like the navigation of gender and femininity, or the loss of the cartoonist’s father at an unexpectedly young age.

Another topic that is frequently considered is Chan’s personal relationship with media, especially music, and how those relationships have changed over time.

Many of Chan’s comics have been featured in the New Yorker. You can read those for free, but they are posted on the New Yorker website rather than on Chan’s page. However, you can easily access them through the well-labeled links on their website.


And you’ll be seeing more of Chan’s work in 2022 thanks to the fact that their graphic memoir, Homecoming, will be published by Abrams Books imprint Surely Books next autumn. 

Set in Taiwan, Homecoming follows a queer millennial coming-out story in a new era for LGBTQ+ people. In a post on their Instagram, Chan noted that they spoke with “friends who identify as bisexual, lesbian, non-binary and/or genderqueer,” in order to share as many queer perspectives as possible.

Also available on Instagram

In addition to reading Chan’s comics on her website, you can also read many of them on their Instagram page.

In addition to reading their work online, you can also buy hard copies through their online store.

Have you had a chance to check out any of the work by Chan? Which one of the comics is your favorite (so far)?

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