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Samantha Puc is an essayist and culture critic whose work has been featured on Bitch Media, The Mary Sue, Bustle, and elsewhere. She mostly writes intersectional pop culture analysis with a particular focus on representation of LGBTQ and fat characters in fiction. Samantha is the managing editor at The Beat, as well as the co-creator and editor-in-chief of Fatventure Mag, an outdoors zine for fat folx who are into being active, but not into toxic weight-loss culture. She lives in Montana with her partner and cats.

New Publisher TKO Studios is Shaking Up the Way They Sell...

With content from top creators including Ennis, Gay, and Lemire

Live-Action SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Is… Furry?

No one asked for this.

What We Learned from the NX On Netflix #AskCatra Q&A

There are no cats in the Fright Zone.

KIM POSSIBLE Embraces ’90s Aesthetics for First Live-Action Teaser Trailer

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me...


Gwen-65 comes face-to-face with the Gwen Goblin!

REVIEW: PARADISO VOL. 2 Makes Monsters Out of Men

Paradiso is hungry, but so are her people.

REVIEW: How DIE #1 Crafts the Culmination of the D&D Revival

In the first issue of Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans' 'Die,' Jumanji combines with Dungeons and Dragons to birth a creepy, fantastical story about trauma, death, rebirth, and friendship.

CAPTAIN MARVEL Variants Will Also Debut In February

Captain Marvel will feature on 5 variants in February.