b.b. free is nearing her 15th birthday and in her swamp, that means she can leave home and strike out on her own — but is she really ready for that step? In b.b. free #1 by writer Gabby Rivera and artist Royal Dunlap, readers are introduced to a small, close-knit community in the Florida islands, where the people share everything and have each other’s backs. The story takes place years after the Plague That Ate Greed wiped out the ultra rich, and b.b.’s only connection to the outside world is through her radio show… at least, for now.

When b.b. learns that her father is keeping secrets from her, including one so big it could tear apart her family and their entire community, it changes everything. To discover the truth, she’ll have to venture into the world alone, whether she’s ready or not.

Ahead of the series’ Nov. 6 debut, The Beat can exclusively reveal a first look at b.b. free #1, as well as a never-before-seen variant cover by artist Brittney Williams. Check out the five-page preview below, as well as Royal Dunlap’s character designs and main cover art, Natacha Bustos‘ variant cover art, and Williams’ cover art. b.b. free #1 is available for pre-order from your local comic shop.

Writer: Gabby Rivera
Artist: Royal Dunlap
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Royal Dunlap
Variant Cover Artists: Natacha Bustos, Brittney Williams
Publisher: BOOM! Box

b.b. free broadcasts her underground radio show from her remote swamp community, and she has no idea she’s actually the chosen one. It’s been over a hundred years since the Plague That Ate Greed wiped out half the population, and it’s the only world that b.b. has ever known. But when b.b. rebels against her overbearing father, she realizes that everything she believes in could be a lie. On the run from her own family, b.b. will learn the truth about the world she lives in, and about the power she never knew she had.

Writer Gabby Rivera and debuting artist Royal Dunlap present an adventure for fans of Blackbird and “mysterious destiny” heroic fiction like Naomi about finding your family when the whole world is against you.

b.b. free #1

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