When the protagonist in Mia Dutton‘s Tarot Tournament wakes up with amnesia and learns from a sentient suit of armor that they’ve been entered in a “tournament of skill” alongside 21 other hand-picked contestants, they panic. And rather than provide any helpful information, the Ace of Swords — one of four tournament judges — tells our protagonist that from here on, they’ll be known simply as The Fool. So begins this queer mystery comic where the main plot is centered on the Major Arcana: The Fool’s journey through life’s big moments, good, bad, and ugly.

The Fool isn’t the only character we encounter — it’s quickly revealed that each of the contestants has been told to forget their real names and to refer to themselves only by their assigned card titles; there are 22 contestants, each representing one card in the 22-card Major Arcana. Tournament brackets are written using those titles, and The Fool’s first fight is against The Devil…

As with any good mystery, things are not quite what they seem. Dutton’s cast of characters is very eclectic, and with the story only in its fourth chapter, readers are still getting to know them. The mystery is slowly beginning to unravel, as well, and it may or may not be connected to The Fool’s forgotten identity. As Dutton continues to work on the comic, their style becomes more refined, which is always a cool journey to follow.

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Tarot Tournament