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Josh is a writer who likes to enjoy things. While watching or reading, he mumbles “this is so good,” sometimes emphasizing the ‘so.’

Catch up on PICARD with a CBS All Access trial

If only there were a reason to stay home and watch TV all day....

WONDER WOMAN ’84 catches COVID-19 delay

See you in August, we hope?

Studio Coffee Run 3/24/20: The box office curve is flat

You ever wanna send your parents on a vacation forever?

Studio Coffee Run 3/23/20: Online theaters help sustain the industry and...

Will more cinemas move to online theaters?

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E16 “Through the Looking Glass”

Kate and Alice are back together for a tenuous teamup.

Dynamite limits July releases and updates retailers on relief strategies

The five Wednesday month will be a bit more sparse.

Sharpen your knives: FOOD WARS! THE FIFTH PLATE is picked up...

It's the newest addition to the streamer's spring slate.