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Josh is a writer who likes to enjoy things. While watching or reading, he mumbles “this is so good,” sometimes emphasizing the ‘so.’
Sophie Campbell TMNT

SDCC ’19: Sophie Campbell takes over TMNT with her female turtle

Jennika is shaking things up for the guys.

SDCC ’19: Netflix’s latest THE WITCHER teaser has your first look...

Henry Cavil himself gave insight on the show.
Sunday Press IDW

SDCC ’19: IDW acquires archival publisher Sunday Press Books

IDW is bringing the classics to digital.

BLACK HAMMER 3-for-$1 invites new readers to Spiral City

The anthology collects three issues from the Black Hammer-verse.
addams family comic

SDCC ’19: THE ADDAMS FAMILY comic crawls out at IDW

Coming just in time for the movie.

SDCC ’19: Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh bring two Supermen to...

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" begins this winter.

Spider-Man beats ARKHAM CITY for best-selling superhero game in the states

Does this mean Spidey would win in a fight?

SDCC ’19: Square Enix’s AVENGERS game shows off an exclusive trailer

Panel attendees got a sneak peak at gameplay.

Brad Pitt’s LEGO MASTERS show is building up at Fox

The reality competition crosses the pond.

SDCC ’19: BATMAN BEYOND gets an HD remaster

DC is coming for your wallets.

SDCC ’19: Jason Momoa makes a splash with THE SIMPSONS

The GAME OF THRONES and AQUAMAN actor makes a guest appearance.