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Josh is a writer who likes to enjoy things. While watching or reading, he mumbles “this is so good,” sometimes emphasizing the ‘so.’

Studio Coffee Run 3/25/2020: Marie Kondo tidies a whole town and...

Plus, SXSW is still announcing winners.

Catch up on PICARD with a CBS All Access trial

If only there were a reason to stay home and watch TV all day....

WONDER WOMAN ’84 catches COVID-19 delay

See you in August, we hope?

Studio Coffee Run 3/24/20: The box office curve is flat

You ever wanna send your parents on a vacation forever?

Studio Coffee Run 3/23/20: Online theaters help sustain the industry and...

Will more cinemas move to online theaters?

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E16 “Through the Looking Glass”

Kate and Alice are back together for a tenuous teamup.

Dynamite limits July releases and updates retailers on relief strategies

The five Wednesday month will be a bit more sparse.

Sharpen your knives: FOOD WARS! THE FIFTH PLATE is picked up...

It's the newest addition to the streamer's spring slate.

THE PLAN is the SHAUN OF THE DEAD epilogue we all...

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have one more epidemic to deal with.

Disney hopes ONWARD will sustain you in quarantine

Coming to small screens near you.