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Josh is a writer who likes to enjoy things. While watching or reading, he mumbles “this is so good,” sometimes emphasizing the ‘so.’

Studio Coffee Run 11/12/19: Disney+ has news on its Marvel shows...

WESTWORLD doesn't look very west anymore.

Studio Coffee Run 11/5/19: Hollywood assistants fight back, Trevor Noah collabs...

There's a new pope in town and he's older than the younger one.

Studio Coffee Run 10/29/19: A PLANET OF THE NERDS movie is...

The pop-star is donning wings and a bow and arrow for his next role.

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E4 – “Who Are You?”

Kate battles the classic conundrum of work/life balance.

Pedro Pascal is confirmed to play Maxwell Lord in WONDER WOMAN...

"Can't... stop... watching...."

POKÉMON GO devs are trying to make improvements for rural players

If you're in a PokéStop desert, you know the struggle.

Studio Coffee Run 10/22/19: Sam Raimi is back, PINOCCHIO looks for...

Sam Raimi is back, but John Cho is out of commission.

Recap: BATWOMAN S1E3 – “Down, Down, Down”

"You made everyone horny for Batman."

Studio Coffee Run 10/15/19: CARNIVAL ROW showrunner shakeups, meet the CW’s...

I heard you needed ANOTHER CW show to keep up with.