Welcome to The Beat’s crowdfunding round-up: a collection of some of our favorite campaigns from the week including one-shots, on-goings, anthologies and everything in-between. This week we’re checking out the physical debut of Magefront, a fairy tale of burnout with The Lost Sunday, and more.

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Magefront: Book 1


Creators: Shea B (author)
Goal: $5,000
End date: June 12, 2021
Goodies: grab the PDF for $5, get the physical version for $25, or check out higher tiers for prints, stickers, and more.

A comic about finding yourself while raising the dead.

Magefront is a fantasy story about a young mage named Amarantha and her dreams of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming a battlemage: she’s accepted to a prestigious program, she becomes a super soldier in a blood magic ritual, and she summons a totally innocuous wraith. So you could say things are going well! But don’t take our word for it. Magefront is a webcomic you can read right now, or, you can back this campaign to own a digital or physical version collecting the already-completed first book.

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Magni the Mighty – One Shot Comic

mango the mighty

Creators: Devin Arscott (writer), David Monge Bautista (artist), Ibrahim Aydin (colorist), Lettersquids (letterer)
Goal: $5,800
End date: June 9, 2021
Goodies: Grab the digital version for $4, get the physical version for $12, or check out higher tiers for prints, create-a-hero, and more.

A post-Ragnarok tale of a young god who must find his place in the new era.

Get a new look at Norse mythology in this universe-stablishing one-shot focusing on the sons of Thor: Modi and of course, Magni the Mighty. The former is the god of wrath and the latter is the god of strength. They butt heads like brothers but, from the looks of the 5-page preview, when Ragnarok takes their father’s life, they’ll have to work together. It’s a 24-page debut in full color and, if it’s successful, there may be more to come.

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Glamorella’s Daughter #2

glamorella's daughter

Creators: Brandy Williams (writer), Charles Martin (writer), Jerry Bennet (artist)
Goal: $1,500
End date: May 21, 2021
Goodies: Grab the print or digital version for just $5, get both for $6, or check out other tiers for additional gift copies, variants, and more.

Comet, her superhero mom, her dad, and her best friend return for issue #2. If you’re new, you can catch up with issue #1, too!

We’ve covered Glamorella’s Daughter on the Round-Up before, and we’re glad to see it returning for a second issue. This series follows Comet – neurodiverse daughter of world-famous superhero Glamorella – as she goes to school and uses her sharp wit to save the day. Backing this issue means helping the team finish coloring and printing, with a hopeful delivery date of this July.

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The Lost Sunday – a fairy tale comic book about burnout

the lost sunday

Creators: Ileana Surducan (author), Pronoia Press
Goal: $7,867
End date: June 20, 2021
Goodies: Get access to the digital version for $7, the hardcover for $21, or check out higher tiers for prints, goodie bags, and more.

 In an enchanted world, the best day of the week is missing. Legend says an evil witch stole it – but Nina is determined to find it!

With a new age upon us, fairy tales are becoming less wary of the dark and scary woods and – in the case of The Lost Sunday – more concerned about capitalism. This story is beautifully illustrated and aimed at parents and kids, to remind and teach the value of taking care of oneself over work. The narrative is told through the lens of Nina and her town haunted by six angry wolves and their never-ending chores – if only a seventh wolf existed to relieve the workers from their obligations…

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The Deadliest Bouquet

deadliest bouquet

Creators: Erica Schultz (writer), Carola Borelli (interior artist), Gab Contreras (colorist), James Emmett (editor)
Goal: $20,000
End date: June 15, 2021
Goodies: The PDF is $15, the print version is $25, and higher tiers include temporary tattoos, additional comics, and more. 

In 1998, three estranged sisters trained by their Nazi-hunting mother come together to solve their mother’s murder.

Three sisters are left to uncover the mystery of their mother’s past following her mysterious death – but luckily, she trained them to be top-notch fighters thanks to her Nazi-hunting experience. This is The Deadliest Bouquet, 120-page, full-color graphic novel from Daredevil writer Erica Schultz and Destiny, NY artist Carola Borelli. It’s action-packed, filled with 90’s pop-punk, and family drama all in one.

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