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SDCC ’17: Have lunch, dinner, AND dessert for free courtesy of...

There's no shortage of off-site events at SDCC this year, and USA’s Mr. Robot is back on the ground with a new concept. At a makeshift E Corp bank located at 327 4th Avenue, fans can open an "account" with E Corp, loaded with 20 Ecoin cryptocurrency. The event is open from 11 AM - 7 PM through Saturday and then from 11-4 PM Sunday.

Review: VALERIAN a spectacular but miscast space caper

Although the detours and sights we see along the way of Valerian are often the most satisfying components, the destination is lackluster.

REVIEW: WONDER WOMAN soars but doesn’t stick the landing

In the critical world, it's not exactly high praise to say Wonder Woman is Warner Bros. and DC's best film in the recent line-up, given the poor reactions to both Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. So to get the obvious out of the way first: yes, Wonder Woman is the best, by far.

Review: ALIEN: COVENANT a rehash with father problems

It's arguable that Ripley is one of science fiction's best-known characters, and she anchored the Alien films by providing true stake in the outcome of the humans. The most serious flaw of Alien: Covenant is that it provides us with yet another Ripley-like-stand-in via Katherine Waterston's character, which at this point resembles an illegible copy of a copy of a copy. Waterston isn't at fault, but her character development is almost non-existent, relying wholly on the hope that you'll associate her enough with Ripley to forgive the fact that she's written primarily as a foil for David.

Review: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE has surprisingly common super hero problems

After co-writers and directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller came out of nowhere to make The Lego Movie a surprising hit in 2014, it only made sense that Will Arnett's voiced Batman would be the appropriate follow-up film in the franchise. Batman was a scene-stealer and constant bolt of energy with a complete lack of self-awareness, essentially a parody of the repeated iterations we've seen of the world's greatest detective on screen.

Ben Affleck steps down from directing The Batman

According to Variety, Ben Affleck has backed out of directing "The Batman," but will still star in and produce the film.

Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Two Movies...

I walked into Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them expecting I might have a few problems. The first was a concern probably shared by many that I'd dub "The Hobbit Effect" - a concern that drawing five movies out of a very small piece of source material meant we were in for a slog of barely-there plot intended to keep drawing us to the franchise until we hit retirement.

Comics anthology COUTURE re-imagines fashion as short stories

Writer Dani Colman (Black Jack Ketchum, ODY-C) is putting her love of fashion to the page with a new Kickstarter project, Couture: A Comics Collection.

Dragon Con 2016: Carlos Valdes discusses diversity, musicals, and Flashpoint (but...

Carlos Valdes, known in the superhero world for his role as Cisco Ramon/Vibe on CW's The Flash, appeared at Dragon Con this year, where he talked about the role Flashpoint will have on the show this season (which isn't as big as you'd think), why he finds the musical Hamilton inspiring, and what it's like working with Harry Potter's Tom Felton.

BREAKING: Gun dealer DS Arms will attend Dragon Con, but not...

Wizard World has been the subject of scrutiny after Tom Spurgeon reported that gun dealer DS Arms, Inc. would be attending the Chicago show as a vendor. The news prompted a series of back-and-forth moves - that DS Arms was attending, not attending, attending, and as of today back to not attending, according to Bleeding Cool. Spurgeon's report also mentioned that the dealer was rumored to be attending Dragon Con in Atlanta, which seemed to be confirmed by DS Arms' Facebook page:

SDCC ’16: THE FLASH spoilers! Flashpoint results in major character changes

Given that season 2 of The Flash closed with Barry's decision to travel back in time to change his past (an event known as Flashpoint in the comics), we can obviously expect some big status quo changes in season 3. Though we can glean only a few things about next season from the trailer, released at San Diego Comic-Con, we also managed to get some clues directly from the cast about where Flashpoint will position their characters in this alternate reality.

SDCC ’16 Cast Interview: NBC’s ‘Powerless’ “fills in the blanks of...

NBC brought SDCC-goers a sneak peak at Powerless, a hybrid of a workplace comedy and a DC superhero show, in a special preview night...