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Brandon Schatz and Danica LeBlanc are the owners of Variant Edition Comics + Culture located in Edmonton, Alberta. They specialize in matching people with the comics and books they never knew they wanted. In their spare time, they write articles and produce podcasts at Submetropolitan.com

The Retailer’s View // Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The internet will surely be the death of me. It will probably be somebody saying some petty racist stuff that will do it. My eyes...

The Retailer’s View // Opening Daze

As I’m writing this, it’s Sunday and things are slow. At my former place of employment, Sundays were one of our busier days -...

The Retailer’s View // Bridging A Gap With The Archie Kickstarter

So I launched a comic store on Free Comic Book Day. It was quite the trick, trying to get things ready for the day...

The Retailer’s View: No Money, Mo’ Problems

Turns out, starting your own comic store can be incredibly frustrating. Until it's not.

Advance Review: Frankenstein Underground Expands The Hellboy UNiverse Once Again

The Hellboy universe expands once more with the re-introduction of Frankenstein to Mignola’s ever expanding cast.

The Retailer’s View: Punching the Ouroboros

Have you tried to set up a business before, faceless mass of readers? Laying down groundwork for a business is like trying to punch the face of an ouroboros or wrestle a gordian knot.

The Retailer’s View: This Time, It’s Personal

A word of gentle advice to all those working at comic shops: it might be a pretty great gig, and you might enjoy what you’re selling, but always ask yourself if you fit.

Advanced Review: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Deals With Serious Matters

There’s an air of impossibility surrounding this book. It begins with a song and vibrant neon crime fighting. It deflates the hyper-serious and allows for a sense of whimsy. When I started working behind the desk at a comic shop, something like this would have barely snuck through Marvel editorial as a one-shot - a reaction to an audience that had an appetite for Serious Comics about Things That Matter and very little else. Today things are clearly different.

The Retailer’s View // Top Sellers and Bottom Dwellers

A couple of news bits and a personal announcement to tackle this week, so let’s get right to it. MILLION AIRS About a week ago, Marvel started...

The Art of Batgirl and Where We Go From Here

This is obviously prefaced with a heaping helping of “what the hell does a straight white male know about these issues?”. The simple truth:...

The Retailer’s View // A Confluence of Events (Part Two)

With both Marvel and DC running big, somewhat vague multiverse spanning crossovers this year, I decided to take some time to go over what...

TGI-FOC: Degree of Variants

It’s the return of The Beat’s weekly look at comics on Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) and bits of retail process that doesn’t merit a...