On Friday, Dark Horse Comics announced its partnership with the Studio71 to create an Umbrella Academy card gameWith the release of its Netflix adaptation just a year ago and the recent order for a second season, it seems Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s creation is making steady pop culture gains.
Studio71 made a name for itself adapting IPs into original board games. Its Joking Hazard is the second highest funded game on Kickstarter and its also responsible for the acclaimed Binding of Isaac: Four SoulsLike Studio71’s previous works, The Umbrella Academy game will look to Kickstarter for funds. Considering that fans are throwing weddings themed after the comic and previous editions are going back for deluxe printings, the timing really couldn’t be better.
Even Studio71 President Dan Weinstein agrees: “We are incredibly excited to partner with Dark Horse Comics, Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá to bring The Umbrella Academy card game to fans next year. We’ve all been ardent consumers of the comic book series for years and are looking forward to launching the game. At Studio71 Games, we are passionate about building brands with long tail through a combination of premium expansion products as well as fan engagement across platforms, proprietary data analytics and out-of-the-box marketing.”
You’ve got plenty of time to save up for that deluxe contribution level. The Umbrella Academy card game is slated for a 2020 Kickstarter campaign.

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