Usually when an actor posts something on Twitter or Instagram related to a film or tv project they’re involved in, it’s typically a photo of the chair with their name on it, or maybe a bit of their costume – kinda like Zachary Levi teased the Shazam outfit underneath the clothes he was wearing recently. But every once in a while, you’ll get a Ryan Reynolds debuting Deadpool trailers and pieces of marketing even before the studio.

And now Aubrey Plaza is getting into the game, unleashing a mindbending little teaser for the upcoming season of Legion that has her sort of playing herself, sort of playing Lenny in psychiatrist-mode and providing just a little bit of the twisting and turning that’s to come in the latest season of Noah Hawley’s little mutant masterpiece.

Did I mention this show is the best piece of X-Men based media ever? I mean it probably is, that or Logan, we can debate that endlessly, but I’m so glad we got them both and we’re getting more of this one.

Legion season 2 debuts April 3rd of FX. I’ve never wanted to blow past March so quickly, but then again, if I did that I’d miss the debut of Atlanta…and I think I like that show even more.


L E G I O N 🖊APRIL 3rd 📌FX @legion_fx

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