Back in 2018, Marvel launched a new Iceman series from writer Sina Grace and artist Nathan Stockman. Nearly five years later, the publisher has announced that Bobby Drake will be headlining his own ongoing series once again with Mighty Iceman from writer Steve Orlando and artist Vincenzo Carratù this August.

Astonishing IcemanFeaturing a cover drawn by Jesus Saiz, this new series will “elevate Bobby Drake to Super Hero greatness, complete with a new base of operations, never-before-seen uses of his abilities, and fierce new enemies. Iceman’s newfound purpose will position him amongst Marvel’s most powerful beings, but a dark side effect of his new mission could cause it all to shatter…”

Moreover, according to the press release Bobby Drake will be pushed to use his Omega-level mutant powers to the limits and beyond as he faces off against the anti-mutant organization Orchis.

Unsurprisingly, Orlando is extremely excited about this new project:

“Have I not been saying my next Marvel project was cool as hell?” “ASTONISHING ICEMAN has been not just a joy, but a challenge, and the best possible kind….because the FALL OF X means Iceman’s life is more dangerous and harrowing than ever. But Bobby is a hero to the core, and there’s no danger he’s met in whose face he won’t laugh. When it’s more dangerous than ever to be a hero, that’s when Iceman’s at his most heroic! And with Jesus Saiz and Vincenzo Carratù joining me on this–Iceman’s going to look cooler than ever. See what I did there?”

Look for Astonishing Iceman #1 to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, August 2nd.