For a good while now, Superman writer Brian Michael Bendis has been teasing a new Legion of Superheroes comic.
He’s mentioned the distant future team on podcasts, in interviews, and all over social media. His teasing of the property accelerated this week on both his Twitter and Instagram, with the veteran writer all but guaranteeing an official announcement this Thursday.
In addition, Bendis continues to allude to a seemingly-connected (overlapping? overarching?) project called DCMillenium, to which he has left even more clues that pull in futuristic DC properties ranging from Batman Beyond to Kamandi to OMAC.
It’s all very exciting.
It does, however, beg the question: who is going to be drawing this stuff?
Well, we think we have at least part of the answer: Ryan Sook.
If you’ll recall, way back in November Bendis tipped a “massive giant…secret project” for DC, coming from himself and Ryan Sook (immediately after the duo combined for some of the best Superman artwork of all time in Action Comics #1004 and #1005). We had some guesses, all of which were way way off, but now the answer seems to have come into focus.
I mean, what could be more “massive giant” than a relaunched Legion of Superheroes comic, kicked-off with a story that seems likely to literally span thousands of years of fictional superhero universe future mythos?
Anyway, long live the legion, and we’ll revisit all this in the not so distant future (Thursday!).


  1. As someone that has been a die hard Legion fanatic for over three decades and has been clamoring for a return for years… Brian Michael Bendis? I think I’ll pass.

  2. Agreed. Action Comics and Superman are absolutely fantastic! I was skeptical of BMB coming over to DC to write anything at all since he seemed so suited to Marvel.

  3. I really hope so. Judging by their work on Superman & Action, and Bendis’s obvious enthusiasm, I think they’d knock it out of the park.

  4. I can’t describe the excitement I am experiencing at this news! When I had heard about BMB going to DC, I was like “Ohnoes! What’s he gonna wreck over there?” Well, I was proven wrong, as he has helped revitalize Superman, without necessarily rebooting him. Bendis and Sook on LoSH? Yes, please!

  5. Haven’t read his Superman or Action, but, I’m dying for the LSH again and would gladly see what he could do with it and huge bonus of Ryan Sook if he’s on board.
    That Jim Cheung OMAC peek from a couple of days ago with the DC Millennium tag totally has me wanting as well.

  6. From what I hear from the reviews Bendis seems to have abandoned his old writing mode of junking characters and angering fans for the sake of plot points that fizzle out. Still I’m not reading the stuff, I can’t afford it and after Wanda, Tigra, Iceman and others I’d be leery of it if I could. What he could do to Saturn Girl doesn’t bear thinking about. On the other hand DC’s been so rebooted so often he’s basically starting from scratch. Bendis starting from scratch with just the names and the powers (assuming he can keep them straight) could work out for new fans and maybe some old ones. He is a capable writer after all.

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