Writer Brian Michael Bendis is teasing yet another ‘massive giant…secret project’ for his new employer DC Comics, doing so this week on Twitter.

So yes, Bendis is assuring fans that his recent collaborations with artist Ryan Sook (the duo told gorgeous stories together in Action Comics #1004 and then again in Action Comics #1005) won’t end with next month’s Action Comics #1006, but they will instead spinoff into a larger project. For those keeping track, this prospective Bendis-Sook project joins a teased-but-unannounced stable of similar work, including a DC comic Bendis says he and artist Alex Maleev have been waiting to make for 20 years, as well as some story about something called Leviathan, which was pretty blatantly tipped in Action Comics.

Given that the most recent Bendis teasing came in response to a tweet about The Question, we wouldn’t rule out a Question-related story either. Rumors have also swirled since Bendis took over DC’s Superman books about new comics for adjacent characters, ranging from Jimmy Olsen to Lois Lane, rumors he maybe stoked a little at NYCC. Oh, the intrigue!

Anyway, it’s been just over a year since Bendis announced he would leave his long-time spot as one of the main narrative voices at Marvel Comics for a new home at DC. Since then, he’s taken over writing duties on Action Comics and Superman, revived his Jinxworld line of creator-owned comics, and unveiled Wonder Comics, his imprint of in-continuity DC books about teenage characters, which is set to launch with Young Justice by Bendis and artist Patrick Gleason in January (and then continue with the incredibly intriguing Wonder Twins from writer Mark Russell and artist Stephen Byrne).

The bigger question here is maybe how many big secret projects can one writer tease? And how many stories about teases about stories can we write in response?


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