Brian Bendis has clearly been having fun in Action Comics, using a cluttered old-school journo desk at The Daily Planet as his opening page, dropping references to Dial H for Hero, or joking about writing Red Tornado: Year One. In this week’s Action Comics #1003, Bendis goes so far as to potentially tip DC’s next major event amid the gags.

Now, it should be clearly noted that this could all be a gag, too. After all, past weeks have had notes like “Is KGBeast tied to election hacking?” and “Investigate Jess Chan,” Jessica Chan being one of the editors in DC’s Superman office. Still, on the cluttered desk in this week’s Action Comics #1003, there’s a coffee-stained script, partially obscured by a mouse and a highlighter, titled Leviathan…A DC Comics Mystery Event. I’ve included a photo here—which I’ve rotated and enhanced like some kind of special ops computer wizard—for your perusal. I’ll wait a minute now for awed browsing.

Anyway, there are some other teases too if you really strain your eyes (as I did). The artist’s name is blotted out, but it hints at this thing starting in Action Comics #1007 (which would be January or February), with a plot that seems to be about Clark, Lois, and Jimmy going undercover to discover a secret in an organization called Leviathan…which is maybe the same shadowy criminal group introduced in Grant Morrison’s Batman run? Or maybe not.

Here’s the real conversation-starter, though, at the very bottom of the page is “Who Watches the Watchmen?” I imagine there will be a few strong opinions out there on the possibility of starting another Wathcmen-related event before the current Watchmen-related event has finished.

What do you all think?

UPDATE: Over on Twitter, David Mann points out that the name is insufficiently blocked out, and the artist is actually Alex Maleev, which fits right in with Bendis and Maleev saying at Rose City Comic Con earlier this month that next year they had a new DC project coming, one they’d been waiting 20 years to do. Hmm.