Ever wonder how Red Sonja became a fearsome warrior? Fans will get a glimpse into the flame-haired swordswoman’s past in a new miniseries from Dynamite Comics—Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil. Written by Luke Lieberman and with art by Sergio Davila and colors by Ulises Arreola, the first issue begins a tale from Sonja’s early days, where the untamed Sonja the Red meets the demon conqueror Raka. He and his devil’s brew turn men against their fellow men and anyone else in their path. Sonja’s early mentor Ozzyus is also set to return.
Followers of the iconic character have three covers from which choose from Davila and painter Lucio Parrillo. There is also a cosplay cover featuring fan-favorite Shannon Kingston.
Take a look at exclusive pages ahead of Issue #1’s release on June 12.
Red Sonja Red Sonja Red Sonja Red Sonja Red Sonja

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