Having met KISS, Glee, and Nick Cannon, the Archie gang is now going undead in a new ongoing series called AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE that’s set after the zombie apocalypse has hit Riverdale.

Yes, it’s The Walking Jughead.

The surprise here? The series is written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who has worked on such things as the upcoming Carrie remake, many Marvel comics, the Spider-Man Broadway show, and that Archie/Glee crossover we just mentioned—he’s actually one of the producers on Glee.

This time the accent will be on “zombie mayhem.”

“AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE combines two of my great passions: Archie comics and horror comics,” said Aguirre-Sacasa. “This series came out of conversations with Jon [Goldwater], asking questions like, ‘what if the Archie characters found themselves in a Stephen King novel like The Stand or a Sam Raimi movie like The Evil Dead?’ Could we pull that off, tonally? We’re really going for it. The first arc is called ‘Escape from Riverdale.’ The second arc is called, brace yourself, ‘Betty RIP.’ Of course, all the horror stuff will be balanced by elements that are quintessentially Archie.”

Why do we feel that Archie’s school cafeteria will be serving a very different cuisine?


  1. I honestly don’t know what to make of this. I’m a big fan of the new LIFE WITH ARCHIE magazine (and the rest of the Archiverse), so I’m approaching this with an open mind. But to be honest, it feels like Archie is jumping the (undead) shark.

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