As reported by the AP yesterday, the ugly legal battle between Archie Comics’s two co-ceo’s has ended with a sealed settlement. As you’ll recall, Jon Goldwater and Nancy Silberkleit had been engaged in a weird battle that involved restraining orders, enforcers and penises. But…it’s all legally mandated smiles now after a mediator got the two to work things out:

The settlement ends — at least for now— a bitter and sometimes bizarre fight at the company that produces the congenial, more than 70-year-old comic that follows Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and others through dating and other teenage adventures.

The settlement details are confidential, but Silberkleit lawyer Howard D. Simmons said the pact restored her reputation and her post at Archie. Silberkleit has been banned from the company’s headquarters in Mamaroneck since the litigation reached a heated point this winter.

“Nancy Silberkleit and Jon Goldwater are no longer in an adversarial position, and they are beginning their working relationship anew,” Simmons said. “She’s thrilled to have settled this extremely upsetting matter.”

However, there could be a sequel, as Goldwater’s nieces are said to be worried about the disposition of company assets:

Jon Goldwater’s three nieces, Lisa, Taylor and Summer Goldwater, initially stood on the sidelines of the court fight. They thought their uncle was acting in their best interest, though their trust hadn’t gotten a penny from the company since he became a CEO, another of their lawyers, Jessica S. Rutherford, wrote in court papers filed Wednesday.

But the women decided to involve themselves this winter after becoming suspicious that their uncle was misusing the company’s assets — and trying to keep them unaware of it, the papers said.

The nieces also are taking aim at Silberkleit, pointing to their uncle’s allegations and saying that she wrongly drew a salary from the company while still working as a teacher.

The settlement, Rutherford wrote, amounts to back-scratching among “two directors who have been stealing from the company, or aiding and abetting each other’s theft.”

We’ll be watching the company closely to see if Silberkleit and Goldwater make any lovey dubbins joint appearances…or if Silberkleit will just be continuing her literacy efforts.


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