We’re done at BEA and BlogWorld and so on, and getting back up to speed on posting. Huge thanks to Torsten, Todd, Vanguard Steve, and Jessica for keeping the show running while we were away from the computer. We’ll have more BEA thoughts tomorrow but in the meantime, not to make anyone jealous or anything, but here’s the promo item of the show…and maybe the year, a travel-themed giveaway for Lemony Snicket’s new series, “ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS”, which has art by Seth…everything from a pen with an octopus to a bar of soap. The first book will have a 1 million copy laydown October 23rd.



Also, if you’re hearing good word from BEA, it’s not just hype. After two years of panic and gloom people realized that they are still here and people still like to read books. Changing and morphing, yes, but readers still want stories and information. And comics are a more vital part of that than ever.


  1. Mr. Snicket was signing the luggage tag for this back on Tuesday.

    One person I know will be using this to hold a tablet. I found a copy lying about, and carried it home. I haven’t had a chance to investigate yet.