Well, not content to merely sanction alternate futures, gay marriage, and the rights of the mentally challenged via Jughead, Archie Comics is following up on a storyline from last year with a rekindled romance between Archie and Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats— and another alternate future is on tap where Archie decides to marry Valerie.

Dan Parent, the writer and artist behind Archie’s new fling, tells USA Today that, “the fans can expect the next step in what I think is the most romantic story in Archie history.” Valerie’s return will give readers a glimpse at an additional future where she and Archie have wed. Could it turn out that Valerie is Archie’s one and only? Pick up Archie #631 and read on to find out!

Although this will seem like just another character stunt to 99.9, lest we forget, people are still getting kicked out of their churches for interracial dating. Not marriage — DATING. In this very day and age.

So…good for Archie!


  1. While the interracial aspect is cool, it’s good to see a western comic to follow the lead of amime and promote Human/Nekomimi marriage rights!!

    Hopefully this will cause Rick Santorum’s head to explode.

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