Today is Free Comic Book Day Halloween ComicFest!

Today is the day kids beg trick-or-treat at local retailers, while adults are out cavorting in costumes at various bars, practicing for Santa Con in December.

Myself, I’ve ordered bundles of these Halloween comics, and my siblings in Nebraska and Colorado will handing out copies to trick-or-treaters on Thursday.

“Rot their brains, not their teeth!”

This is part of Project: Seduction of the Innocent, where I evangelize comics near and far, getting everyone to read the four-color fantasias we all enjoy!

I remembered… fellow evangelist Kat Kan, school librarian, is doing the same thing, but in her school on Halloween!  So, this year, I’ll try to get my niece’s teachers involved, perhaps offering these mini-comics as part of the room party favors.

DC-comics-valentineSo as I slumbered off to sleep, images of a room full of kids reading comics in unison, my brain made the logical connection… school parties… candy… Valentines Day… kids exchanging valentines with licensed images and awful puns…


The neurons started firing!  A box of classroom valentines costs about $5.  Which is what a bundle of those Halloween mini-comics costs.

What if…

…comics retailers sold these packets of valentines mini-comics to kids and their parents?  (And sold complete sets to older geeks seeking to spice up their lovelifes?)   What if Diamond offered five copies each of six different titles from a variety of publishers in a variety pack?  What if publishers offered their own variety packs?  Marvel, DC, Archie…!

  • It’s halfway between Halloween and Free Comic Book Day.
  • It’s another excuse for a party at stores!
  • It’s an excuse to sell product to customers to give to people they love!
  • It’s a holiday which appeals to kids and adults!
  • It’s another holiday with candy!

So what do you all think?  Would you give comics to your cuddlebug on Valentines Day (or perhaps a few days before)?   Would you love to get comics from your snugglewuggles?  Would your kids exchange mini-comics instead of silly pieces of paper?  Would you read these comics?  (And did you hand out geeky valentines when you were in grade school back in the day? In my school, we had to decorate boxes for the Valentines.  I made one out of Legos.  Jason Crouch was more creative.  He built a cardboard robot.)


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