As the indie show/CAF circuit gets more popular, one market seems to be without its own show and that’s Los Angeles. It’s always Los Angeles. They have book fairs and Comickaze but indie shows tend to founder there. Well, a new kid just hit the block and it’s called Comic Arts Los Angeles. Like the best CAFs it has an acryonmic name that makes a handy shortcut: CALA.

Also like other successful CAFs, it will be curated and free to the public. The date is December 6th, 2014 and the venue is the Think Tank Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.

According to the about page, the show is being organized by Jen Wang, Angie Wang, Iris Jong, and Jake Mumm. It sounds like a pretty cool show, and given LA’s emerging status as the indie capital of the world due to all the animation taking place there, I have a feeling this time it might work.


  1. We’ve had had ZineFest for the last four (?) years, or do small press and “indie” (hate that term) count as two different things? Fantagraphics was there, but not D&Q, First Second, Top Shelf, et. al.

    Not sure I understand how animation makes L.A. the indie capital of the world.

  2. A lot of indie cartoonists are also successful animators, or at least work in the animation industry.

    I dub them “Kirby’s Grandkids”.

    Also, L.A. has been an important fine arts capital, partly due to celebrity collectors like Steve Martin.

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