Meanwhile, DC fought back with it’s OWN multi-reality spanning war that will feature all of its realities battling in a Brainiac-created wasteland.
Convergence, by Jeff King, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia and Ethan Van Sciver debuts in April.

On Monday, we debuted a beautiful illustration of Convergence’s villain, Telos, drawn by Carlo Pagulayan and Jose Marzan, Jr. with colors by Hi-Fi. However, what we didn’t tell you was that there was even more to the illustration. Today, we’re proud to show you the full piece of art, featuring even more glimpses of worlds past as well as the Convergence logo.

So if you click on the link you can see who will be fighting who in the 40 separate two issue battle tales.

2015: the year of the multidimensional battles.


  1. The logo disappears into the background. Maybe try it in white or black on a solid field instead of red with white glow on grey.

  2. Torsten, I sure hope that’s what DC has in mind for the plot of this … thing,. If it is, this can only lead to good things:
    A DC Convergence Bracket Pool!

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