While for a few days there it looked like the indestructible Twinkie had ben felled by bad management and union politics, it seems everyone involved is going to give it another go. While we sit back and imagine a world of endless Devil Dogs, you can also enjoy ALL the Hostess comics ads archived at The Hostess Page on one of the internets early adapters, seanbaby.com. Here are two for your enjoyment featuring Green Lantern and Thor going up against the intractable foes known as the Fruit Pie Scene and the Ding-A-Ling Family.
It’s also worth contemplating just why, in a world of horrible eating habits where pork rinds are going strong, these unhealthy snacks seem to have fallen from favor. Speaking personally, there is nothing we like better than a Devil Dog, whose chocolate batter seems to have been heavily laced with black pepper, or something else that gives it a stinging bite, the cream center delivering the cooling relief. The last time we ate one? probably during Infinite Crisis. There was also a brief period of our lives—a much thinner one, it must be said—where breakfast consisted of two Hostess Cupcakes, the sheer enormity of its granular sugary center delivering a wake-up call that could not be denied.

These days we get our occasional sugary thrills from Table Talk Pies, which are generally made from actual food substances, and Ne-mo’s chocolate cake, a baked good so authentic that we’ve found it occasionally all moldy on the inside. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but at least it goes bad, unlike most of Hostess’s products.


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