All New Marvel Now .Now books get free digital collections

We’ve lost track of just where Marvel is in their rolling reboot. We’ve had Marvel Now, All New Marvel Now and soon, no doubt, Marvel Now: Electric Bugaloo. There’s also All New Marvel Now .Now “Jumping on” issues. Hey anything to make it comprehensible. But anyway, the new All New Marvel Now rollout will include a bunch of free digital COLLECTIONS. That’s right. Marvel has been putting complimentary digital download codes with many books and single copies, but now you can get the entire collection of a books to catch up when you Jump On. Not the entire run, but the first collection of books, still a pretty sweet deal.

In other words, Marvel is making jumping on as easy as jumping off a log.

“The .NOW issues provide a great first issue entry point for new and existing readers alike,” said David Gabriel, SVP of Print & Digital Publishing, Marvel Entertainment in a statement. “But by offering free digital collections with print issues, we’re offering fans who may not have experienced these exciting series a great chance to jump into the full story all at once, taking advantage of both the print and digital formats in a manner no other publisher has attempted!”
Here are the titles with bonus digital collections:
·         Avengers #24.NOW – On-Sale 12/24/13
·         Savage Wolverine #14.NOW – On-Sale 1/08/14
·         All-New X-Men #22.NOW – On-Sale 1/22/14
·         Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW – On-Sale 1/29/14
·         Captain America #16.NOW – On-Sale 02/05/14
·         Thor: God of Thunder #19.NOW – On-Sale 02/12/14
·         Nova #13.NOW – On-Sale 02/19/14
·         Iron Man #23.NOW – On-Sale 03/19/14
·         Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW – On-Sale 03/19/14
·         Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW – On-Sale 3/26/14

Seems like a pretty good deal, and wed expect the secondary market to be pretty busy on these as well.

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