As the western part of the nation struggles in 120-degree heat nothing will cool you down faster than thinking about Halloween! And Diamond has just revealed the line-up for its October Halloween ComicFest promotion. The event will come with a T-shirt by Francesco Francavilla. Just looking at these images is making me think of hot apple cider and brisk walks through crisp leaves.

This year’s fest will feature 30 books, 18 full-sized and 12 mini, which will be available for FREE at participating comics shops worldwide on October 28th, 2017.  Mini Comics will be available for purchase in trick-or-treable packs of 25 for $4.99.

DC is two offering include Batman and DC Super Hero Girls, so covering all bases there.

And Dark Horse is offering HELLBOY!

Hallowwen ComicFest was started as a sort of fall spinoff of Free Comic Book Day. Many shops participate with costume contests and other events of the season. And FREE COMICS.

“We’re excited at the range of titles with this year’s Halloween ComicFest,” said Halloween ComicFest spokesperson Michael Moccio. “In additional to the all ages Mini Comics, featuring popular characters like Donald Duck and Casper the Friendly Ghost, the Full Size Comics feature a strong showing with properties like Batman, Thor, and Hellboy! With so many fans introducing their friends and family to comics and local comic shops for the first time at events like Halloween ComicFest, it’s important the titles reflect the varied interests of people coming to stores.”

halloweenfrancavilla.jpgHCF17_F_Aftershock_Babyteeth #1.jpg

The Francavilla T-shirt is available for order now, and will be available in black in adult sizes Small to XXL (MSRP: $14.99-$17.99), youth sizes Small to Large (MSRP: $11.99), and Women’s V-Neck in sizes Small to XL (MSRP: $14.99-$17.99).

“After the FCBD design I did last year, I was very happy to work with Diamond on another project,” said Francavilla. “When asked to work on a design for Halloween ComicFest, my thoughts went straight to the Addams Family. The family friendly horror take on that series was perfect inspiration for this project. Of course, I had to include most of the horror icons like the Monster, the Vampire, the Mummy, the Bridge, and the Werewolf.”halloweenfrancavilla.jpg

I would totally wear this shirt.

Previews and more info are available at


Halloween ComicFest 2017 Full Size Comics

HCF17_F_Action Lab_Black Betty
Action Lab – Danger Zone |
Black Betty One-Shot

HCF17_F_Aftershock_Babyteeth #1.jpg
Aftershock Comics | Babyteeth #1Archie Comics | The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season Two

HCF17_F_Aspen_CYO Aspen Adv.jpg
Aspen MLT | Choose Your Own Aspen Adventure

HCF17_F_Benitez_Lady Mechanika La Dama Muerte #1.jpg

Benitez Productions | Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte

HCF17_F_Dark Horse_Hellboy BPRD 1953.jpg

Dark Horse Comics | Hellboy and the BPRD 1953

HCF17_F_IDW Pub_Ghostbusters Dia Muertos.jpg

IDW Publishing | Ghostbusters: Dia de los Muertos

HCF17_F_DC_Batman Night o Monster Men.jpg

DC Comics | Batman: Night of the Monster Men

HCF17_F_DC_DC Super Hero Girls.jpg

DC Comics | DC Super Hero Girls

HCF17_F_Marvel_Runaways #1.jpg

Marvel Comics | Runaways #1

HCF17_F_Marvel_Star Wars Darth Maul #1.jpg

Marvel Comics | Darth Maul #1

HCF17_F_Marvel_Thor by Simonson #1.jpg

Marvel Comics | Thor by Walt Simonson #1

HCF17_F_Kodansha_Bat Angel Alita - Sail Moon Et.jpg

Kodansha Comics | Battle Angel Alita/Sailor Moon Eternal Preview

HCF17_F_New England_The Tick.jpg

New England Comics | The Tick #1

HCF17_F_Viz Media_Junji Ito's Shiver.jpg

VIZ Media | Junji Ito’s Shiver

HCF17_F_Yen Press_Mortal Instruments.jpg

Yen Press | The Mortal Instruments

HCF17_F_YouNeek_Malika Nightmare of Dragons.jpg\

YouNeek Studios | Malika: The Dragon Trials

HCF17_F_Zenescope_Grimm Tales of Terror.jpg

Zenescope Entertainment | Gimm Tales of Terror



Halloween ComicFest 2017 Mini Comics

HCF17_M_American Myth_Casper Halloween Treats.jpg
American Mythology |
Casper the Friendly Ghost

HCF17_M_Arcana_Lovecraft - Undersea Kingdom.jpg

Arcana Studio | Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom

HCF17_M_Archie_Archie Madhouse.jpg

Archie Comics | Archie’s Madhouse

HCF17_M_BOOM_BOOM Box One En-Haunted Eve.jpg

BOOM! Studios | BOOM! Box’s One En-Haunted Evening

HCF17_M_IDW_Donald Duck Hween Scream #2.jpg

IDW Publishing | Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream #2

HCF17_M_Lion Forge_Wrapped Up.jpg

Lion Forge | Wrapped Up

HCF17_M_Papercutz_Hotel Transylvania.jpg

Papercutz | Hotel Transylvania


Papercutz | Stitched

HCF17_M_Scholastic Graphix_Witch Boy.jpg

Graphix | The Witch Boy

HCF17_M_Space Goat_Moonlighters.jpg

Space Goat Publishing | Moonlighters #1

HCF17_M_VIZ _Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire.jpg

VIZ Media | Pokemon: Omega Red and Alpha Sapphire