The Pulitzers, awarded for excellence in journalism, were announced yesterday, and the winner for cartooning was Adam Zyglis of The Buffalo News. Finalists were Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher of the Baltimore Sun and Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins), of Daily Kos. (On her FB page Columbia U librarian Karen Green revealed she was one of the judges for the category.) You can see some more of Zyglis’s work here.

As usual, WaPo’s Michael Cavna was on the scene for the first interview:

“Hearing I’d won was surreal,” Zyglis tells The Post’s Comic Riffs this afternoon, shortly after receiving the news. “I was working in a corner of the newsroom, and suddenly, people started shouting and coming up and hugging me.”

Perhaps Zyglis, who’s in his 30s, pretty youthful for a Pulitzer winner, should not have been so surprised. In recent years he won the Berryman Award, was a finalist for a Reuben, was named the 2015 recipient of the Grambs Aronson Award for Cartooning With a Conscience and was a runner–up for the National Headliner Award. Given all that it would be more surreal if he HADN’T won.



  1. Wow…. big shoes to fill… he replaced Tom Toles in Buffalo!
    That portfolio is amazing, and has some great pieces!

    Also interesting… lots of multi-panel cartoons among the three finalists, including one who works predominately with comics . I wonder when we’ll break the comic strip barrier again… Feiffer, Trudeu, Breathed… I see more multi-panel works editorial cartoons now, so it might be a while… the current layout is somewhat entrenched, but seems flexible as 2×2 or 3×2.

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