James Gray, the filmmaker behind such underrated films as We Own The Night and The Lost City of Z, is about to send Brad Pitt off into far reaches of space with his newest effort Ad Astra.
His latest, hitting on September 20th, centers on Pitt’s astronaut Rory McBride, who is traveling the edges of the solar system in search of his long-lost father (played by Tommy Lee Jones). You see, his dad disappeared two decades previous in search of life on Neptune. Ad Astra follows what happens as their mission begins to uncover a huge secret that threatens all life in the universe.
In the lead-up to the film, Gray has compared the effort to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and this initial trailer gives way to that sense of inspiration with some clarity.
Check out the first trailer below, and get hyped up for what’s sure to be one of the stand-outs of the Fall, after the blockbuster season has hit its dredges:

Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland, and Ruth Negga all provide support in this interstellar journey. It’s interesting, with Dark Phoenix hitting theaters this weekend (check out our review), this looks to be one of the first films that Disney will be fully distributing that originated under the Fox banner after their purchase of the studio as well as its subsidiary Fox Searchlight. It’s actually been delayed a number of times, originally set for release this past January, it was then pushed to Memorial Day weekend, and now it’s instead set for a late September release. Not necessarily a bad sign, so much as one that’s probably more tied to the inner-working of the Disney-Fox deal, but we’ll find out soon enough!


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