Marvel’s Acts of Evil, modeled after the 1989-1990 fan-favorite storyline Acts of Vengeance, will come to a conclusion in September. The collection “pits Marvel mainstays against mismatched and unexpected foes” and the final three Acts of Evil annual issues will feature Ghost-Spider scrambling through Arcade’s Murderworld, Moon Knight fighting Kang the Conquerer, and Wolverine fighting Morgan le Fay in 1930s Hollywood.

Before these three head into battle, July’s Acts of Evil annual issues will feature Venom, Ms. Marvel and the Punisher facing off against Lady Hellbender, the Super-Skrull and the Brood Queen, respectively. In August, Deadpool will fight Nightmare and She-Hulk will battle Bullseye. That’s eight issues spanning across three months, exploring some truly wacky battles. This isn’t the first time Marvel has strayed from the beaten path and it hopefully won’t be the last. Oftentimes, issues like these are some of the most fun in the entire catalog. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the super-serious and explore alternate timelines or unexpected events, especially in the context of some really interesting characters battling it out with each other.

Plus, these creative teams are amazing. Vita Ayala will write the Ghost-Spider annual, with art by Pere Perez and cover art by Ema LupacchinoCullen Bunn will write Moon Knight, with art by Ibrahim Moustafa and cover art by Philip Tan. Jody Houser will write Wolverine, with art by Geraldo Borges and cover art by David Yardin.

Check out the Ghost-Spider, Moon Knight and Wolverine annual covers below. The Beat has previously revealed covers for the July and August Acts of Evil annuals, but in case you missed them, we’ve included those too.

Ghost-Spider AnnualMoon Knight Annual
Venom Acts of Evil! Annual Cover
Ms. Marvel Acts of Evil! Annual Cover
The Punisher Acts of Evil! Annual Cover
Deadpool Annual #1 Acts of Evil
She-Hulk Annual #1 Acts of Evil