Year after year, the hottest exclusive collectibles coming out of SDCC can be found at the Funko booth. The company is well known for its cute and collectible line of Funko Pop Vinyls. And for the ultra-limited availability of its show exclusives. Attendees wanting Funko’s exclusives must enter to win the chance to do so in advance via online lottery. If selected, the company gives them a day and time that they can pick up the merchandise they want to buy, as long as it’s still in stock.
Funko holds a wide variety of licences. One of the biggest of those licences is Marvel. It should be a surprise to no one that Funko is bringing a few Marvel exclusive offerings to SDCC 2019. The good news for fans of Marvel x Funko Pop is that these Marvel exclusives are all shared with other retailers. So in other words, if you can’t make it to SDCC, you’re not necessarily out of luck.
Arguably the coolest of the Marvel Funkos this SDCC is Man-Thing. Check out the sculpt on this creature. Highly detailed and rather cool looking, Funko shares this Man-Thing as a shared exclusive with Entertainment Earth.

Man-Thing (Entertainment Earth shared exclusive)

Funko Pop Man-Thing SDCC
Gamora, the Guardians of the Galaxy resident badass, is the subject of this shared exclusive with Hot Topic. Outfitted in her Infinity Wars duds, this Funko Pop Gamora is armed with a sword and ready to decapitate father figures/intergalactic despots.

Gamora (Hot Topic shared exclusive)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe stars in these next two figures. Wong will be a shared exclusive with Walgreens. He’s straight out of 2016’s Doctor Strange movie.

Wong (Walgreens shared exclusive)

Funko Pop Wong
Are you more of a fan of this year’s Captain Marvel movie? If so, then you may want to set your sights on Minn-Erva. Video game chain GameStop shares this exclusive.

Minn-Erva (GameStop shared exclusive)

SDCC Minn-Erva Exclusive figure
Which of these Marvel Pops do you want guarding your desk?