9780975395844_p0_v1_s260x420.JPGAbout Comics was a total baller before we ever knew what a micro-publisher was, with books by Charles Schulz, Gail Simone and more. According to publisher Nat Gertler, it’s a bit of an on again off again thing nowadays, but still has a good backlist. Gertler writes to say that due to his Canadian printer ending its warehousing services for his backstock, a big sale is going on! You can read the deets below, and also some background here—Gertler has been dissolving his backstock by various methods, such as charitable donations for a while, but now you can own your own box of 24 Hour Comics collections.

For years, About Comics has had most of our fine books printed by a printer in Canada that handled not only printing, but warehousing and shipping our product to distributors. It’s all been very convenient. But now that printer has told us that they’re getting out of the warehousing business, which leaves us with two clear options: spend a lot of money having those books shipped to and stored somewhere else, or have the books destroyed. We don’t like spending money, and we sure don’t like destroying books, so we’re going with a third option: sell off as many as we can. Unfortunately, to ship from the warehouse, we really have to do it by the caseload, but there are some fine deals here for retailers and others who could use bulk quantities.

The following prices include shipping across Canada and to the 48 contiguous states. Orders can be paid for either by Paypal to [email protected], or by check to: About Comics, 1569 Edgemont Dr., Camarillo, CA 93010. Quantities on all are limited, and will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Orders from California must include a retailer ID or pay sales tax (7.5%) on the goods (subtract the $30 shipping included in the case price when calculating that.)

The Factor written by the inedible Nat Gertler, art by Joe Staton, Adam Rex, Alex Grecian, and more. (56 copies, cover price $9.95)
24 Hour Comics Highlights 2006 includes Frazer irving (24 copies, $11.99 cover)
The Licensable BearTM Big Book of Officially Licensed Fun (38 copies/case, cover price $11.99)

You’ll All Be Sorry by Gail Simone (prose) (32 copies, cover price $11.99)

Salimba by Steve Perry and Paul Chadwick (60 copies, cover price $9.99)
Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang (not comics) (102 copies, cover price $5.99)
The Liberty Project – by Kurt Busiek and James W. Fry (30 copies, cover price $11.95)

24 Hour Comics All-Stars, includes McCloud, Paul Smith, Sim (52 copies/case, cover price $11.95)
Alice, graphic novel of Alice In Wonderland drawn by Lela Dowling (84 copies/case, cover price $8.95)

24 Hour Comics includes Gaiman, Bisstte, edited by McCloud (32 copies/case, cover price $11.95)

Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers, includes Busiek, Gaiman, Kevin Smith, Jeff Smith, and more (27 copies/case, cover price $19.95)


  1. I just have to ask this… since shipping is apparently $30 per case…
    Regarding shipping prices, are you saying that there is a flat shipping rate from that printer to wherever in Canada and US mainland the books go? Aren’t shipping rates determined by distance and borders? ( It costs me more to have something shipped to Canada from US than from within Canada.) What if I am in the same province?
    What about ‘parcel pickup’ prices: cost of books without shipping. FOB.

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