Writer Ryan Cady and artist Morgan Beem just launched a new web series on Webtoons, Wolfsbane, and it is the perfect saga for fans of werewolf mythology and horror.

The thrilling story follows Quinn as she continues her father’s legacy of hunting and slaying werewolves. The tough lessons she was forced to learn in her youth have stuck with her as she seeks out these monsters preying on unsuspecting victims in the woods. When a young victim of the werewolves stumbles into her care, however, Quinn’s usual slaying is forever altered as the terror these monsters bring increases. It doesn’t help that her silver bullet supply is running low…

Cady, whose credits include titles from Marvel and DC as well as Infinite Dark at Image/Top Cow, brings his talent for horror fiction to the web comic. The tension and terror are palpable, creating the perfect atmosphere for the tale. Along with Beem’s watercolor style, readers are immersed in a dangerous world where a simple camping trip becomes a deadly nightmare. David Stoll is on letters and Bre Boswell is the editor.

Wolfsbane just premiered online on December 5, and already has a prologue and two full episodes available. Updates to the series are set for every Friday. To begin reading, head over to Webtoons. Don’t forget to subscribe so you know when new installments post.