Infinite Dark writer Ryan Cady has made a career out of what he loves most: horror. From his Image/Top Cow creator-owned series to his work on Magdalena and the upcoming Venom Annual, which ties into Marvel’s summer “Acts of Evil” event, it’s safe to say that Cady isn’t interested in helping readers fall asleep easily. But before he told horror stories, he told stories about food. Sublime food like 3D loaded Doritos, in fact.
In our latest video interview, watch as Cady talks about his past life as a food journalist, chronicling the most important artifacts of America’s culinary culture. From the ill-conceived 50 nugget challenge to the Pizza Hut hot-dog-stuffed pizza, Cady’s stomach has seen it all. And you will remember this.
Infinite Dark, drawn by Andrea Mutti with colors by K. Michael Russell, follows Deva Karrell, the head of security on a vessel called the Orpheus that was designed to– and did– survive the end of the universe. However, even though the last two thousand souls in the post-universe should be alone at this point, after a murder on the vessel it seem like humanity might not be alone after all. The series recently returned for a second arc, with Infinite Dark #6 hitting store shelves yesterday.
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Disclaimer: I am the story editor on Infinite Dark.