Big creepy house. Missing family members. Stern stepfather. All of the boxes are checked in Silent Screams on Webtoons. 

With art and story by Glamist and a script by Lalaina, the free thriller web series centers on young Theo, who is probably the only one in the opulent residence suspicious of his stepfather’s intentions. The older man saved him and his mother from a less luxurious life, but despite what should be a better situation, he gives Theo a lot of grief. Theo soon realizes his sickly mother is missing, and with only the kindness of Annie the handmaiden, he feels trapped in a life he didn’t want. But then he’s actually trapped…

Read the synopsis:

Trapped in his own home, Theo is desperate to escape. All he wanted was a simple life with his mother, but his overbearing stepfather took that away. Now the clock is ticking… can Theo outsmart his captor before it’s too late?

Silent Screams updates every Friday. With only a handful of episodes at the time of this writing, jump in now! Click here.


Silent Screams