The description for the Tapas series Emi Is Missing is brief: “And no one remembers her.” Created by Yon, the mysterious comic is just as short and compact as its description, but the impact is great.

The premise is that a young girl, Emi, is suddenly missing and only one person, her close friend Kat, remembers who she is. Not only is she erased from everyone’s memory, including her mother’s, but she disappears from photos and her phone number is no longer in service.

A couple of times Kat makes contact with Emi via cell phone. A few brief texts give her relief that her friend is alive and well, but the next day the number doesn’t work and she is nowhere to be found. What exactly is going on here?

At its core, the short comic is about grief and memory. No matter how much you love and miss someone, over time the details fade, so it is up to you to find ways to keep them alive when your mind is unreliable. The focus of the comic isn’t what actually happened to Emi, but what happens to people when they lose those they love. And if you’ve lost someone, you’ll feel that impact after you finish the series.

There are only a few episodes of Emi Is Missing, but it is definitely worth it. Begin reading here.

Emi Is Missing