Tapas has an exciting new mystery series available for fans looking for a fresh tale made up of family, superpowers, intrigue, and more. Psychic Escape is only five episodes in and already has me hooked. 

Created by Ruikamo, the tale centers on a pair of siblings, Kiera and Noa, who clearly have some issues they are working through. Noa and their father aren’t speaking. There are hints at something big occurring in recent years, and Kiera is concerned about her brother’s using his psychic powers in a criminal way (he likes to pickpocket and break into places with his mental gifts). When Noa mysteriously disappears, Kiera must save him, and the people who have him have their own secrets it seems.

Updating the first Monday of the month, the web series only has five episodes up, making it a great time to start reading and get caught up before the sixth episode drops. 

To begin reading Psychic Escape, click here.