Welcome to the Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up for November 14, 2022. This week at Stately Beat Manor we have some campaigns that are in the last two weeks of their crowdfunding windows and can use your help. From time-traveling stories and fantasy adventures to tales of conversion therapy and neurodiversity, these mid-November crowdfunding campaigns will pull on your heartstrings in unexpected ways. Read on to check them out!

Time Dog and Other Atomic Fairytales

Time Dog and Other Atomic Fairytales

Creators: Vincent Kings
Goal: $4,000
End Date: December 1, 2022
Goodies: Digital copy, hardcover, signed copy or sketch, retailer or educator bundle, commission (9×12), Atomic Fairytales first edition oil-painted cover, 28 pages, including a few that didn’t make the final cut, and Vincent, Xonos, Chaos Dog, and Time Dog & Noelle enamel pins, or the full set of enamel pins

The adventures of a girl and her time-traveling dog, collected in an oversize hardcover volume!

Written and illustrated by 2022 Ringo Award New Talent-winner Vincent Kings, Time Dog and Other Atomic Fairytales is a 48-page comic full of science fiction whimsy. Started during Kings’ art residency in Angoulême, France, Time Dog is for fans of Calvin and Hobbes, Peter Pan, The Little Prince, and Flash Gordon. It tells the story of Noelle Bolan, an aspiring time traveler, and her companion, Time Dog. Noelle is still learning how to master the art of time travel, which requires living in the moment. Her pup, however, is the perfect time traveler because he doesn’t make plans or do anything a dog wouldn’t do. Together he and Noelle embark on epic adventures across space and time… in this wonderfully illustrated adventure for all ages.

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Blessed Cure

Blessed Cure No Dollie

Creators: Mário César
Goal: £3,000
End Date: November 28, 2022
Goodies: DRM-free digital edition, softcover or hardcover edition, and trade edition with postcards

Ever since he was a boy growing up in Brazil, all Acacio wanted was to please his parents: get good grades in school, meet a nice girl, stop being so… gay.

Originally published in Brazil, Blessed Cure is an examination of Conversion Therapy written by the multi-award-winning creator and co-organizer of the POC CON LGBTQ+ Fair, Mário César. The graphic novel tells the story of Acacio, a boy who turns to increasingly extreme remedies to try to cure that he is gay, treatments found all too easily in a Catholic nation that sees homosexuality as an aberration, a perversion, something to be cured, whatever the cost. What price will be extracted in his search for a Blessed Cure? 

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Fast Fashion -Ripple crowdfunding campaign

Creators: Jolein Kirpestein (cover artist), Renee RientiesEsther van de BundChristian CarnnoucheCoco OuwerkerkBenjamin PaulusK.G. Gaynier, Coen VosveldKimmicomics (Kimberly Legito-Geelen), Geoffrey Legito-Geelen, Anita Waltman (director, The Big Draw Netherlands Foundation), and Angela Vissers (festival co-organizer)
Goal: $2,062
End Date: December 1, 2022
Goodies: Digital or physical copy, signed numbered prints, signed sketches, and A4 commission sketches

A The Big Draw Comics Anthology

Ripple was born out of the first Big Draw Nederland 24-hour comic book challenge to address worldly issues. Six artists were asked to participate. They locked themselves up in Het Besiendershuis in Nijmegen and were asked to draw for 24 hours straight to create beautiful work to raise awareness about the dangers of fast fashion and to ensure that less plastic waste is thrown away in nature. 

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Selling Superman: A Feature Documentary

Selling Superman

Creators: Adam Schomer (director/producer), Kirt Eftekar (distribution), Jeremy Atkins (public relations), Logan Siegel (director of photography), Miguel “Rama” Torres (director of photography), and Darren and Co.
Goal: $125,000
End Date: November 17, 2022
Goodies: Updates about the collection and the film, first-look virtual screening, special Q&A with cast/crew, insights into Darren’s story, live behind-the-scenes broadcasts of the making of the film, full-length uncut interviews, special thanks in the film credits, weekend to learn meditation and stress relief, and more

Will selling one of the most expensive comics of all time help Darren rewrite the tormented legacy of his father’s family trauma?

Selling Superman is a documentary that explores the legacy of a neurodiverse comic book collector. Does that sound familiar to anyone else? Or is it just me? There are only a few hours to go on this campaign so get to pledging your support so that i2i Productions can have the funds to finish this film the way it deserves to be done. As of now, Selling Superman is about 50% done with filming with plans to finish production by 2024.

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Violet Dawn: Exile

Violet Dawn: Exile KS crowdfunding

Creators: Alexander Freed, Louis Sollune, and Jeffrey Visgaitis
Goal: $8,500
End Date: November 25, 2022
Goodies: Transmutation backer-only webcomic, high-res digital poster, digital wallpapers, The Journal of the Sarth, digital map, backer credit, DRM-free PDF, annotated edition, hardcover print edition, signed bookplate, molded metal pin, foil-stamped and numbered hardcover edition, custom pencil sketch, retailer edition, 90-minute one-on-one writing class, and custom colored pencil artwork

A beautifully illustrated dark fantasy graphic novel written by New York Times bestselling author Alexander Freed

Violet Dawn is an ongoing digital-first comic series from Waywalker Studios, telling the epic story of the realm of Avadnu, and I have a three-word reason for recommending it: soul-eating magic. But if you need more reason than that… For the Star Wars fans out there, Freed wrote one of the best Lucasfilm tie-in novels, Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron.

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