It’s my favorite time of year–Fall! And to make it even better, it’s also the spooky season, with Halloween (my favorite holiday) just around the corner. Webtoon has a new anthology series to dive into to get your scare on. Check out Webtoon at Midnight and the first story “I Bought Extra Time for My Dying Fiancee.”

Webtoon at Midnight

There are a variety of creators from r/NoSleep behind the anthology, many of whom have other popular works on the platform, such as WmW (Spells From Hell)

The first tale features art from Fauzia Chang and Kisai Entertainment and a story from Gabie Rivera. In it, Beth is desperate to save her fiancee from a terminal illness. So desperate that she chooses to buy her more years, but the cost of such a move is devastating.

There is definitely a Twilight Zone vibe to the first installment. To begin reading, click hereWebtoon at Midnight updates every Monday.