Heaven, Hell, and Earth are quite different yet very connected, and James in Spells From Hell is going to quickly learn just how big a part he plays in the war between realms. 

Created by WmW and with art by Silke Tara, the fantasy web series centers on James Chao, a hardworking college student who has made his entire existence about his grades and his future. Pushing him is his mother, and when things don’t turn out as he plans, he begins to feel the stress of keeping up with her and his own expectations. 

There is magic in this world, but no one takes it seriously, especially James. That is until a quirky fox spirit uses a portal from Hell and ends up in his bedroom. Her appearance leads to both of them discovering that they are more connected than they originally thought and even may play a vital role in a war much bigger than they are. 

The series offers rich mythology and a detailed universe where magic has become a joke, reduced to tricks and games. In reality, the state of magic and its ties to Heaven and Hell are much more complicated, and James never expected he’d be caught in the middle. And he never imagined the amulet passed down from his grandmother would find its other half in a curious, precocious fox spirit from Hell. 

Spells From Hell updates every Monday, and with only a few episodes on Webtoons, it’s the perfect time to jump into the series. Begin reading here

Spells From Hell