Joe Gomez is a regular teenager. He faces normal high school obstacles—homework, crushes, awkwardness, and balancing home and band practice. The last thing he wants to deal with—or expects—is learning he has the ability to change into a saber-toothed tiger. In Urban Animal Joe is faced with the burden of being the chosen one in a long line of ancient shapeshifting nature spirits called Chimeras. He is now tasked with saving the world from another force threatening the human race, making him a hero whether or not he wants to be.

The Webtoons series is based on a concept by Eisner-nominated artist John Amor, who also illustrates each episode. The script is brought to you by writer Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Curse of Brimstone, Sideways). Micah Myers is on letters and Ethan LeBlanc is on editing duties.

The art and words come together in an action-packed, fun adventure as Joe learns who he really is. The dialogue is natural and funny, letting you empathize with the teenager as he navigates his new abilities (which sometimes manifest at the absolute worst times). Besides trying to train with the mysterious rat-man Corkindale, Joe also must find time for band practice with his group and a budding potential relationship with the new cute girl in school. There is also the resident jock Evans (who bears a striking resemblance to a certain MCU actor with the same last name). Evans becomes a much bigger problem for Joe as the series progresses, moving from bully to mystical adversary. Joe also learns that his abilities are not limited to saber-toothed tigers. He can actually transform into whatever animal works best for the situation—even a combination of beasts if necessary.

To begin reading Urban Animal head over to Webtoons. The superhero series updates every Saturday.

Urban Animal


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