Let’s end the week with a little beauty, eh?

Like many of the cartoonists spotlighted here, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell  is an up and coming MCAD grad who draws in a style infused with classic illustration. She’s repped for art by Out of Step Arts where you can buy several beautiful prints. She has a longer work called Black Sun Rising that she’s been working on for a while, and she’s the artist on Mariko Tamaki’s Laura Dean Keeps Breaking up on Me due from First Second in 2018. AND she drew an issue of Lumberjanes. Definitely a name to look out for.

Today here are two short comics.

haliedagget.pngYour Name is Hallie Daggett ran in Kazoo Magazine and portrays the first women to be hired as a fire lookout in the US. It’s meditative but packs a punch.



Phylum is a short horror comic about a woman who eats something that  she finds in her garden.

They both lovely and if you kick around her website you’ll find a few more short comics. But you’ll definitely be seeing more of her work in the years to come.