Being a superhero can be rewarding, but it is also a tough job. For someone like Trevor in Traveler, getting superpowers seems like a great idea…until it’s not.

Written by T Campbell and with art by John Waltrip and Jason Waltrip, the Webtoons superhero comic follows Trevor from being an aimless young man not in any hurry to start being an adult to a superpowered being with flight and teleportation at his disposal.

At first, Trevor embraces the idea of being the world’s first superhero, using the characters he loves as inspiration to help others. After a while, however, having uncanny abilities takes him on a strange and scary path. Is he really ready?

One of the biggest issues he faces is reality and what is real and what isn’t. When his memories start to become questionable (and details keep changing), having these powers may not be as cool as he thought.

Traveler updates every Sunday. Click here to begin reading (and look for nods to other series on the digital platform).