Every so often, a less serious supernatural story is in order. Grand Ma is a perfect example of that. 

Created by Gurei, the Webtoons series offers a refreshing break from intense dark horror. I know that’s weird coming from me since I adore the genre and tend to favor these twisted tales. But there is something heartwarming about this particular webcomic, which is more slice of life than scary.

While it may be that Ghost Granny is super cute and definitely what you think of when you picture a doting grandmother, Minh, the main character, might also be the reason that the story is so appealing. Their resigned and almost annoyed reaction to being able to see the living and the dead is both comical and relatable. It has to be overwhelming to see those worlds collide everywhere you go. 

Besides ghosts, Minh is able to see an assortment of “unordinary” characters such as manananggals and other creatures from folklore. I also appreciate Minh’s notes at the end of each episode, where the reader gets a little lesson in mythology and history about the entity of the day. 

Grand Ma updates every Thursday. With only a few episodes currently live, it is easy to catch up! Begin reading here

Grand Ma