The DC Super Hero Girls franchise has been a smash for DC – the graphic novels and novels have been best sellers, and the digital shorts are in their second season, and the toys are doing well. For years, observers said that little girls would like superheroes if they were presented in the right way – and DC Super Hero Girls has shown that this was correct.

In our “free comics” feature, we’d hoped to offer comics that are available long term; this time we’re making an exception. DC is making the first two chapters of DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High, free to read – but only until January 31st. Nonetheless, this is a good chance to give younger readers a chance to experience this series.

To read the comics, go here, siogn up for an account and use the code PASTTIMES2017.

Written by fan-favorite writer Shea Fontana and drawn by Yancy Labat, this story finds our crew – Batgirl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Katana and Beast Boy – on a field trip to the past, to see live dinosaurs. Everyone likes dinos and the girls are no exception – with Harley and Batgirl vying to show who knows more about dinosaurs and getting a bit heated about it.

The DCSHG comics are a digital first series. Chapter eight is newly available, and there’s a preview below in which Batgirl and Harley Quinn meet some historical figures, including…Emily Dickenson. These are fun, lighthearted comics intended for younger readers, so I doubt we’ll see the crew arguing theology and the meaning of death with Dickenson…but then I guess you’ll have to read the whole chapter.