Valentine Gallardo’s Spellwich, is the story of a group of friends gathered around a campfire. They’re bored, and yet another ghost story or game of truth or dare will not work to push the blues away. Then one of them has an idea, something dangerous, something forbidden. Surely from the occult, from the impossible, they will be able to find something to have a good time. They suggest a spellwich, a magical spell in sandwich form that allows someone to revisit a memory, good or bad. Unfortunately for the group, things don’t go as planned. Spellwich is about friendship and parallel universes and is darkly funny.

I love Valentine Gallardo’s art. Her mix of black and white pencils with colours is wonderful. She’s able to masterfully create depth with an impressive array of grey tones. Gallardo has a very good ear for dialog and pacing speech. Her lettering is also lovely. There’s plenty to love about her comics.

The comic first appeared on Vice and you can read it online for free right here. If you really like it, a collection of her short story called Soft Float was published in late 2015 by Space Face Books which you can get right here.

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